Week-long camps every school holiday where football meets fun. Attend as much or little as you like.

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Any age, any ability

Our football holiday development camps are catered to children aged 4-12 years old, of all ability levels. Whether you are a beginner or looking to join a professional academy, our football holiday camps are structured to suit everyone.

Fun whatever the weather

Our holiday clubs make use of both indoor and outdoor spaces so your child is always comfortable. We focus on technique in small spaces during winter, so players can experiment on larger fields in summer.

Camps that feel like holidays

We take great pride in the facilities we rent and always ensure we have access to indoor and outdoor facilities during the winter months, which means our holiday development camps are rarely cancelled!

What can you expect at a typical day at camp?


4 skills your child will learn:


We teach your child fundamental football skills, such as passing or shooting, to help them become more technically-gifted footballers. We then reinforce these skills each day of football camp, with team games against other players with the same ability to boost decision-making alongside technique.


We keep our development camps to 10 children per coach. This guarantees that your child gets the attention they deserve and the coaching they’re after. It also makes it easier to build everlasting friendships for children who find large group situations challenging. Each day spans 6 hours of fun, meaning your child learns to build strong social connections outside of school.


Our summer, Easter, winter and half-term camps are about getting your child moving and physically strong. Each day of camp helps build fundamental physical skills that the child can use as they grow older or in other sports. Not only does it help with physical fitness, but with speed and agility too. While some children may usually play football for an hour, each full day gives many hours of football building endurance and stamina.


Our unique football holiday camps also help with cognitive function. You will see your child develop better concentration, learning, listening, and decision-making skills after each day at camp.

Why WMF is the perfect place for your child

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My son (10) loves we make footballers holiday camps. Always happy to do the full week. A good mix of skills and games run by young, fun and friendly coaches. As a mum, it is a safe, organised and happy environment.

Clare Duncan, Parent

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Frequently asked questions

What will you teach my child at Holiday Camps?

Your child will learn to develop their ball manipulation, technique, game understanding and movement in a safe, structured and fun environment under the watchful eye of our experienced coaches. Our sessions, drills and games are tailored to each age group so players will always get the most out of their training. Ultimately we aim to make every child who attends our sessions the best footballer they can be.

Can I have more information about the Head Coach leading my child's group?

Yes, you will be able to speak briefly to the Head Coach of your child's group at the start or end of each day at camp.

What should I bring to camp?

Your child needs to bring a water bottle, packed lunch box and the correct footwear for the venue. They will also need to bring food for both morning and afternoon snack breaks. If the weather is warm, they will need to bring sun cream and a hat.

What happens if my child wants to go home?

We will do our best to ensure that your child does not want to leave camp. However, if your child does want to go home, the Manager of the camp will call you and allow you to speak to your child on the phone. You can then collect them if you wish to do so.

Who will my child be playing with? How are the groups decided?

The groups at our holiday development camp are based upon player age and ability. Coaches will move players across groups to best suit their football development.

How do you monitor bullying?

We have a strict no bullying policy and will not tolerate any form of bullying at our holiday development camps. Coaches will stay with their group at all times during the camp.

What do they do all day at camp?

The camp schedule is as follows: warm up, morning drills, snack break, morning matches, lunch time, coaches challenge, afternoon drills, snack break and afternoon matches. Each day has a different theme with new drills covering all aspects of football. Each day at football camp is unique. Examples of themes from previous camps: attacking and defending, dribbling and skills, passing and shooting, movement and teamwork. Our camps are action packed with fun games and practises.

How do you decide who wins a trophy at the end of camp?

Coaches will select a player from each group to win a player of the week trophy because of things such as trying their best, being kind to others, having good manners and working hard. We also reward our 1v1 and team tournament winners with trophies.

Is the camp suitable for beginners?

Yes, our football development camps are suitable for all abilities. Players are grouped with children of a similar ability. We aim to create a balance of challenging players to develop throughout the week whilst experiencing a lot of fun and success. Whether you are just beginning your football journey or are working towards joining a professional academy, our holiday development camps are structured to suit everyone.

Can my child be in the same group as their friends?

Yes, please tell the coaches in the morning during drop off which friends your child would like to be with.

What type of lunch and snacks should my child bring?

A healthy lunch and snacks to refuel and keep energy levels high. We always ensure that we have a tap onsite for your child to refill their water bottle throughout the day. We have a nut free policy, so please ensure that you do not pack any food containing nuts.

Can I pick my child up early from camp?

Yes, please tell the coaches in the morning when you drop your child to camp.

Do they have to train the full week?

No, you can book as few or as many days as you would like. There is also the option to book half days (morning or afternoon) or full days (10am-3pm).

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